"Daniel Mulheran is the consummate professional. He expects professionalism from his actors, and he delivers it as their agent in return. Even when I took a break a few years ago and was no longer his client, he kept in contact with me, and was nothing but encouraging and supportive about my career. I keep on my toes in my career because of him - he does not tolerate anything less than the excellence that he believes his clients are capable of - he calls you on your laziness and lack of work ethic - and for that, I am truly grateful. He is the real deal."

-Tara Battani, Four-time-national commercial booking actress

"Since signing with dpm I have booked 12 commercials, six of which were national spots. Daniel Mulheran'’s dedication is unmatched. He is professional and insists that his clients are as well. His professionalism wavered only once, when he talked to me as a friend, not an agent. I told Daniel that I was seeking new representation because I felt that I wasn't living up to my potential at dpm. He gave me the advice and reassurance that I needed and added that his door was always open no matter what my decision. I stayed with dpm because I have met few people in this business with the integrity, dedication, and compassion of Daniel Mulheran."

-Kerry Anderson

"I signed with Daniel Mulheran back in late 2000 after he had seen me in an acting showcase sponsored by Universal Studios. I took several meetings with various Agents & Managers. When I met Daniel I knew not only did he get me but he believed in me. Daniel Mulheran started out as my manager and then became my agent. I've booked several jobs and have had several auditions. The combination of my talent and his strategic moves has kept me pursuing my career as an Actress. I had to take a few years off for personal reasons but Daniel didn't leave me. He stuck by me during hard times, trouble times and through life's unforeseen challenges. Today I am not only a better actress I am a confident actress because I have the right representation. DPM is a wonderful Agency and I know because of Daniel, my career has a lot of promise. I am thankful that he's my agent and I'm grateful he believes in my dream just as much as I do."

-Promise Marks

"Throughout the past 20 + years in "the business" few things remain constant in a landscape that is always evolving and shifting ...at times, faster than we as actors can keep up.

I'm happy to report that the professionalism, courteousness, fortitude and strong work ethic of a great agent who truly cares about his clients and securing them work has not ...clearly evident in Daniel Mulheran, President of DPM Talent Agency.

I met Daniel when he started out as the assistant to one of my former commercial agents, since deceased, so not only do I know the caliber of training and professionalism that he received while training, I have witnessed him apply those very same principles to his own no frills, no bs, back to basics agency, which translates into what matters most to an actor ...obtaining enough opportunities/work for the actor to support themselves and their families as a result of the relationships that Daniel has not only added to but maintained and cultivated as well during his committed career."

-Bryan Peele

"Working with DPM has been a fantastic experience for me. I absolutely feel there is a team effort to move my career to the next level. Daniel Mulheran is supportive, dependable, hard working and most importantly takes the time to make himself available to answer questions and give solid career advice. In less than one year I have booked a national commercial and audition on a regular basis. If you are ready to get out and get seen DPM is the agency for you!"

-Tracy Locke

"I have been Daniel Mulheran’s client since February 2009. Within that short period of time, I booked 3 National Broadcast SAG commercials. I have a very unique brand. Some agents consider me a "tough sell." Daniel did not. He immediately recognized the talent and potential within me. Daniel has strong relationships with top commercial casting agencies in the industry. I have experienced this firsthand during auditions. He has been sending me out frequently ...even within these challenging economic times.

Daniel is professional, very experienced and has a strong work ethic. He is a pleasure to work with. Thanks to Daniel, my career as a commercial actor is solidly moving forward and constantly growing."

-Wendal Duppert

"I've been a card carrying member of SAG for over twenty-five years. Of the many agencies and agents that I've come across, I believe dpm to be not only among the most professional but have the legitimate connections As an actor it's important to feel that those who represent you are in your corner. I do with dpm. Their hard work gets me out too, which is what the agent/actor relationship is really all about. Dpm expects nothing but the best from me, just like I expect nothing but the best from them. I've never been disappointed."

-Mark Hoffman

"I met Daniel Mulheran when he was Paula Sorenson's assistant at Coast-to-Coast. As a team they represented me through my early years as my success grew. Later, when I heard Daniel had opened his own agency, I left what is considered a top agency to get in on the ground floor. As one of Daniel's earliest clients I've watched dpm grow and his people book job after job after job, myself included. In this time of change and uncertainty, it's comforting to know that Daniel and staff are always there, working for me and pulling for me. He's serious, diligent and a master negotiator. I can honestly say that I can recommend dpm without reservation him for the seasoned and beginning actor alike."

-John Pierce

"Daniel Mulheran and the staff at dpm have been instrumental in the success I've achieved as a commercial actor. They care about their clients - I go out to many more auditions than my friends do - and with his years of experience, Daniel Mulheran has secured a solid reputation among the casting directors in town. Just recently, he expertly fought for me in negotiations for a commercial shoot, and as a result, I booked at a rate higher than I anticipated. I'm not sure how many actors publicly appreciate their agents, but with Daniel, I sure do!"

-Jaimie Roedel

“I've know Daniel Mulheran since 1997 when I first moved to LA.  When I found out that he was starting up his management company and said I’d like to apply.  He didn’t jump up and down about the idea but agreed to give me a shot and afterwards signed me up.  I’ve been with him ever since.  He is one of the hardest working guys I know.  He is passionate about his work and his people and has been professional all his dealings with me. Daniel has found some of the best photographers available and passed that information along.  He is trustworthy, loyal, helpful, friendly, courteous, kind, obedient, cheerful, thrifty, brave, clean and reverent. 

-John Holt

Daniel Mulheran and DPM have done an excellent job of representing me and my acting career. I find them very easy to talk to about all aspects of my commercial acting career. I would recommend them to anyone who is serious about their craft.

James Bannon