DPM was founded in 1998 by Chicago native Daniel Mulheran originally as a management company. Initially the company started with a modest roster of select writers, producers, directors, models, as well as actors.

DPM distinguished itself by the way it reached out to the entertainment industry with its unique marketing strategies. It was one of the first to market directly to the entertainment industry executives. In a visual industry such as Hollywood, founder Daniel Mulheran felt it was important to contact directors, producers along with other executives directly. DPM utilized all the tools available in a new multimedia age that were available. Packaging & creating DVD’s , power point slideshows, booklets, and CD’s featuring DPM’s exclusive talent. Composing and executing marketing strategies that put our talent’s promotional materials in the hands of directors, producers, casting director and industry executives. Daniel Mulheran was also inventive by the way he procured the talents of the top photographers the industry had to offer. These photographers, leaders in their field, were shooting incredible works and magazine covers for upscale magazines such as Vogue, GQ, ELLE and Esquire. Pushing our talent roster first, DPM built a noteworthy and impressive foundation for a management company. From the beginning DPM had been a cut above and a step ahead of its competition, and is well known in the industry for its professionalism and unequaled hard work.

In 2003 Daniel Mulheran felt his company would better serve its clients if it transitioned from a management company to a talent agency thus allowing DPM to solely focus on actors specifically in television commercials. Thereby, DPM Talent Agency Incorporated was licensed and bonded. As a state licensed Talent Agency, Daniel Mulheran incorporated the same unique marketing strategies and professionalism that made a successful management company. As a young talent agency, DPM was quickly called to business when opportunity knocked. Agreeing to take over a fledgling management company’s roster, DPM doubled its roster while still maintaining its focus of personal attention and innovating marketing strategies. This allowed DPM to begin its ascent to the top of the commercial world.

Some Facts

  • DPM Talent Agency is considered one of the top ten commercial talent agencies in Los Angeles.
  • DPM Talent Agency sends its talent all over the world with many national & international commercials.
  • DPM in its first years as a talent agency created over a million dollars in new business in the commercial world.

With its commitment to individual client attention, unequaled work ethic and fierce attention to detail, DPM Talent Agency will continue to be a leader in Hollywood for years to come.