DPM Talent Agency's number one goal is to distinguish itself above other talent agencies. Here are just a few things that make DPM Talent Agency unique:

  • DPM Talent Agency is considered one of the top ten commercial agencies in Los Angeles.
  • DPM in its first year as a talent agency created over a million dollars in new business in the commercial world.
  • When you walk through our doors at DPM you will never see assistants and interns doing the job of an Agent. You will not see a receptionist ready to intercept your visit. Instead you will see hard working Agents ready to see you and ready to work for you.
  • We offer individual guidance and guidelines to each actor that is under contract so they know exactly what to expect from the entertainment industry specifically in television commercials.
  • We offer a “hands on” approach to your commercial acting career.
  • DPM is here to serve and showcase you, the talent. When you contact DPM, you will be dealing directly with an agent rather than being “shuffled” to an assistant or receptionist.
  • We do not believe in “towing the same corporate line” as other agencies do.
  • We are not interested in being the biggest talent agency with the largest roster of talent in Hollywood. We would rather be known as an agency that is dedicated to their hard working actors.

The most important concept that sets DPM Talent Agency above the rest is we believe that our actors should hire us instead of actors working for us…like other talent agencies seem to demand. We believe in a working partnership with our actors. It is our responsibility to offer you sound advice and career guidance in regards to commercial representation, which only comes from years of experience in the entertainment industry. Our commitment to a unique "full disclosure" policy also distinguishes us from other agencies. It is important for an agency to provide you full disclosure, about auditions and other information and guidance for your commercial acting career, and this is exactly how DPM serves you.

We are proud to be a highly-qualified agency, with your interests as our priority. Without you, we would quickly be out of business. And to that, we thank you.

DPM is the Agency that the entertainment industry relies on when they need quality actors.